Learning Italian – Miami

miami 3.jpg

Welcome to Miami – the Floridian city with the insecurity complex…

I jest of course!

The reason for my jest is one of those wonderful quirks of language where a word means one thing and then in a different tongue it means another. Todays example is Miami.

Coming from the Italian verb ‘amare’ – to love

In Italian, Miami becomes (by way of a character space) mi ami which translates to the apprehensive question ‘(do) you love me?’

The answer (depending on how you feel) is the passionate ‘Si, ti amo!’ (Yes, I love you!) or the equally passionate ‘No, non ti amo!’ (No, I dont love you!)

The verb ‘amare’ is used for those times when you feel absolutely passionate about something. It is possibly the most passionate verb of one of the most passionate languages and is not to be used lightly!

Amare – to love:

amo – I love/ami – you love/ama – she or he or it loves/amiamo – we love/amate – you all love/amano – they love

Pronomi (pronouns):

mi – me/ti – you/ci – us/vi – you all/lo – him (or ‘it’ for masculine words)/la – her (or ‘it’ for feminine words)/li (m words) – them/le (f words) – them

Just like this:

mi ama – she or he or it loves me/ti amo – i love you/ci amano – they love us/vi amo – i love you all/la amiamo – we love her or we love it/li amo – I love them


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