Netflix Review: Come Tu Mi Vuoi


A predictable Cinderella story with a good cast and enjoyable comedy elements.   


Come Tu Mi Vuoi (How You Want Me) is the classic story of the intelligent wallflower, Giada, who falls in love with the dashing rich kid, Riccardo, but is just not good looking enough to keep him. Enter stage left the interfering rich girl, Fiamma, who guides Giada through the maze of mid 00’s fashion and glamour complete with lashings of how to walk in heels and how to sexy slow dance and there you have it, Giada’s make over into super hot butterfly is complete.

Along the way, Riccardo will reveal himself to be the tortured creative playboy type who uses his looks to pass exams but is sorely misunderstood by those around him and Giada will forget her humble beginnings as her new look opens doors which were previously closed because she was just so ugly!

The movie starts with a voice over of Giada talking about the problems of vanity in the youth of today and it feels like a great start. Later, inevitably, Giada becomes the thing she is rallying against and, this may be a testament to Italy circa 2007, Giada then gets everything she’s always wanted. The lesson here is: women must utilise all the powers of feminity otherwise nobody will give them a job or love them.

This movie leans on cliche to get its point across; you could play a drinking game where everytime someone tells Giada to ‘just take off those glasses’ you have to drink. It makes you wonder whether glasses do maketh the duckling. That said, Christina Capotondi as Giada brings depth and likeability to the character and her friendship with another character, Sara (drink everytime Giada’s new look gets in the way of their friendship) keeps the movie from going too far into eye rolling territory.

By the end of the movie we see our star-crossed lovers once again back together but not before Ricarrdo calls Giada out for becoming as shallow as all the other girls and Giada gives Ricarrdo a slap round the face for his errant playboy behaviour. The film closes with them rolling around on a roof top, all past discretions forgotten.

Come Tu Mi Voui is easy to watch, especially if you are learning Italian as a second language. It does not ask too much of the viewer and has enough energy to keep you, the viewer, engaged. The set pieces and musical score are pure noughties nostalgia.

This film did not and is not going to win any prizes but not everything in life must be award-winning.

Release date: 2007

Director: Volfango di Biasi

Starring: Christiana Capotondi and Nicolas Vaporidis

Rating: 2.5 out of 5



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