Why Podcasts?


Whatever your feelings, podcasts are here to stay. Here are some reasons why you should join the podcast revolution.


You will find a podcast for all your favourite subjects and more. If you are as curious as Alice (In Wonderland) you can pick up and try new podcasts daily without commitment and nothing lost if it wasn’t for you. From comedy to true crime and everything in between, there is a podcast that will cater to your tastes. Whatever niche interests you this week a podcaster somewhere is probably podcasting about it. So, set your curious mind free, become a butterfly gently fluttering between the flowers of knowledge.


If you are looking to learn something new but don’t have the time or aren’t sure if its right to you, a podcast can provide a safe environment in which to learn. You can enjoy a podcast on your way to work or download a series to listen to on a long car journey. Who doesn’t like to feel that they have learned something new every day?

Comedy and Companionship

If dreary Mondays get you down, podcasts can be there to lift you up. Many podcasts have ongoing themes and running jokes that you will soon find yourself laughing along with. There is a familiarity that comes with the podcast territory, they give you the same joy you get when you see an old friend. Before long the presenters will become your companions even though you’ve never met.

Try some of these highly recommended podcasts to get you started:

For those times you need to get informed: Intelligence Squared, ‘’the world’s premier forum for debate and intelligent discussion.’’

For those times you need to hang out with your besties: My Favourite Murder, ‘’a true crime comedy podcast’’

For those times you need to inspire your inner entrepreneur: The Tim Ferris Show, one man’s journey through what builds success and how to make it last.

For those times you need to hang out with your brother: The Last Podcast on the Left, the podcast that brings you the truth about the weird with lashings of comedy

For those times you need to keep up with the kids: Reply All, ‘’The podcast about all things internet’’

For those times you need advice: Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel, the podcast about the frailty and resilience of human emotion

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